Close up of massager hands massage shoulder

Hippocrates, now known as The Father of Medicine, long held on to the idea that the body should be treated as a whole, rather than its individual parts, believing that disease, was in fact dis-ease…with this philosophy in mind, he determined that the art of rubbing tissue up towards the heart, would aid in the circulation of blood and lymph, thereby creating a healthier system..we still adhere to this practice today and it has  become the core foundation of Swedish massage therapy.

Soma, or touch therapies have since been proven to promote the release of our ‘feel good’ chemicals, endorphins like serotonin and dopamine.

So whether you’re feeling achy and sore, or just plain blue, massage therapy may hold the cure for you.

My Retreat offers both Swedish and Therapeutic Massage.

Swedish Massage is a relaxing, and healing treatment that consisting of long, slow strokes and gentle kneading to unwind tension in the muscles and encourage an overall sense of well being..

60 minutes – $65
75 minutes – $79
90 minutes – $99

Therapeutic Massage is intended to treat muscle pain/discomfort that culminates in reduced or impared range of motion.
Deeper pressure and/or neuro-muscular techniques are utilized to contact the deeper lying muscles and elicit release of trigger points.

60 minutes – $75
75 minutes – $89
90 minutes – $109