Lash & Brow Enhancements

3D Volume lashes
3D Volume lashes


Lash extensions are the hot new craze, and with safer adhesives and better education on the do’s and don’ts of application, they have become highly accessible to everyone!

Whether you prefer the flirty and natural Classic lash application, or the va-va-voom effect of Volume lashes, you’ll be glad you tried it…join the legion of lash addicts, and get yours too!

Please allow a minimum of 2 hours for a full set of Classic Lashes, and up to 3 hours for 3D Volume Lashes

Full Set Classic – $150
Re-Lash – $50

Full Set 3D – $175
Re-Lash – $75

Lash Off – $25


Brow Microblading is the latest alternative to the brow tattoo of yester-year! Whether you’re looking to perfect your existing brow or recapture the brows of your youth, this cutting edge procedure imparts beautiful hair-like strokes to fill gaps, and beautifully frame your eyes, and the best part…it won’t wash off!!

Brow Microblading – $450 – (includes touch up after 4 weeks)

Touch ups – $150 (within 1 year).

$250 after 1 year but within 2 years

$350 after 2 years but within 3 years

After 3 years, it is no longer a touch up. You will be charged for a new set at a minimum rate of $450