Brow Microblading FAQ’s

Q) Are you licensed and insured?

A) Yes! The business is licensed, the establishment is licensed, the artist is licensed and certified, insurance is current, all biomedical permitting is in place, blood borne pathogen education is current and all required documents are visible on the premises.

Q) Will it hurt?

A) Initially, you will feel some mild discomfort, but nothing intolerable, and only for a short time.

Q) Is my deposit refundable?

A) It is a non-refundable deposit. However, the deposit amount is deducted from the final cost of service once the service agreement is signed.

Q) What would prevent me from receiving this service?

A) Several factors might prevent Microblading, to include, but not limited to: Pregnancy or nursing moms, excessive tan, injured or inflamed skin, blood thinners, scar tissue, diabetes, certain medications used to treat thyroid illness, trichotillomania, excessively oily skin, moles in brow area, deep wrinkles in brow area, Accutane or similar medication use within 1 year.

Q) How long will my results last?

A) You will be required to receive a touch up within 4-6 weeks following your initial procedure, after which time, touch ups should only be necessary after 1-2 years.

Massage FAQ’s

Q) What should I wear to my massage appointment?
A) Loose and comfortable clothing.

Q) Do I have to be completely naked to receive my massage?
A) You are required to disrobe according to your own comfort level. If you are not comfortable removing your undergarments, you should leave them on. At no point during your massage, will you ever be fully exposed. Your therapist will use draping techniques to ensure the only area being exposed, is the area she is working on.

Q) Can I leave my jewelry on for a massage?
A) Preferably not. We advise you to leave your jewelry at home, as My Retreat is not responsible for lost jewelry.

Q)Will a deep tissue massage hurt?
A) In some instances, the deep manipulation of a hyper-tonic muscle, tender point or trigger point, could be painful. If this is the case, please advise your therapist of the sensation! Deep tissue massage doesn’t have to hurt, but some discomfort is expected.

Q) What should I do after I receive a massage?
A) Drink plenty of water! And avoid strenuous exercise for 24 hours to follow.

Facials FAQ’s

Q) Do all facials include extractions?
A) Not necessarily… Some skin care treatments contra-indicate extractions. Your skin will be evaluated upon arrival, and your therapist will advise you on the appropriate treatment for the day.

Q) Am I required to purchase products?
A) No. However, it is advisable should you wish to maintain the results of your treatment at home.

Q) Will I be all red and blotchy after a facial?
A) No. However, if you are prone to flushing, extractions or peels could create a little redness in the local area. Please advise your therapist if this is the case, as a specialty mask can reduce the inflammation that might follow a procedure like that.

Q) What are “add-ons”?
A) An add on is a service that may be added on to the primary treatment you scheduled..e.g a brow wax or lash tint can be added on to your facial for an additional fee.

Lash Extensions FAQ’s

Q) What are lash extensions?
A) Synthetic lashes which when applied to your natural lash enhance the length.

Q) What is the difference between Classic lashes and Volume lashes?
A) Classic lashes is the application of one synthetic lash extension to one natural lash. Volume lashes is the application of two to three, more lightweight, synthetic lashes, to one natural lash.

Q) Can I get my lashes wet?
A) Yes! We just ask that you let the adhesive cure for 12-24 hours following initial application.

Q) Can I wear eye shadow and liner?
A) Yes! But avoid oil based liquid liner as oils will deteriorate the adhesive bond.

Q) Can I wear mascara?
A) The life of your lashes will be longer if you avoid mascara altogether. However, If you are using an oil free, water-based mascara, it is ok to use…but care must be taken to only apply it to the tips of the lash extensions, and not at the base, around the bond. Products containing oil must be avoided. Oil degrades the bond and causes the extensions to shed.

Q) How often will I need fills?
A) With proper care, your lashes should only need to be maintained every 2 weeks. See your lash artist for care instructions.

Q) Will lash extensions ruin my natural lashes?
A) When lashes are applied properly, there is no damage to your natural lash. Pulling, picking or rubbing your eyes following the application of extensions, can damage your lashes, and these behaviors should be avoided if you intend to wear extensions.

Waxing FAQ’s

Q) How do I prepare for a Brazilian wax?
A) Don’t shave the area to be waxed for at least 2 weeks prior to your appointment. You need to have a minimum of 1/8 inch growth in order for waxing to be effective.

Q) Will it hurt?
A) Yes! But only momentarily.